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Image Credit: Mike Kline
Say you are reading a book at a park, and you have no internet connection whatsoever. Then you come across a word which you need defined immediately. You proudly take out your dumb-phone and text “define <insert word here>” to Google. Seconds later, you receive a text with a definition of the word, and you get a pat on the back.

Alright, maybe that wasn’t the most practical example I could have given, but who knew you could do a Google search via text messaging? I certainly did not. All you need to do is text your search query to 466453 (GOOGLE). It goes without saying that the search will be very limited, but you can still obtain important information like weather, local restaurants around the area, stock quotes, unit conversions, simple translations, and of course word definitions.

The search query you text has to be in a specific format. For more information on this, the list of all the available types of searches you can do are in the link below. Here are some examples:

Definitions:  define geek
Weather Forecast:  weather boston
Translations:  translate hello in french
Stock Quotes:  stock tgt
Unit Conversion:  1 us pint in liters

Google SMS Search: (interactive demo available)

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1 Comment

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    Very interesting.....I didnt know that!

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