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[Android] Disrupt Wireless Connections with WiFiKill – Root Required

Feeling evil lately? Have a roommate that likes to hog the bandwidth on your network? Or even repeat intruders on your unsecured wifi because you are too lazy to set security? All is well, all is well. While browsing through the GetJar app store a couple days ago, I came across a very sinister app. Please, it is best you stop reading now if you do not have the stomach for evil-capable apps.


Hide Desktop Icons with an AutoHotKey Script

Buried under the heaps and stacks of shortcut icons lie the often neglected wallpaper. You keep telling yourself you will clean out the desktop one day, but let’s face it, that is never going to happen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something in the taskbar similar to the “show desktop” feature that will instead hide icons? AutoHotKey makes this possible.

Now I realize you can right click the desktop, point to View > uncheck Show Desktop Icons to accomplish the same task, but that takes too long! Plus, you will get a brief overview of how to work with AutoHotKey scripts in the process. By the end of this tutorial, we will have created a program (which you can place in the taskbar) that will hide desktop icons in just one click.
^ Image Credit: Messy Desktop


[Comic] A Conversation Between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Ever wonder how a typical conversation between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would go? Here’s a theory: