Fix Chrome's Resolving Proxy Delay in Windows

If like me, you recently updated your copy of Chrome/Iron to version 15, you may have noticed a slight delay in the initial loading of the first page when you open the browser. Fortunately, this only happens at the very first page when you start the browser afresh, but it is still very annoying. If you look at the browser status bar down below during this two second delay, you will see a strange “Resolving proxy…” message. After a short encounter with Google, I came across a simple solution.

The Short Fix

  • Open up your Chrome/Iron browser > wrench menu icon > Options.
  • Navigate to “Under the Hood” section.

  • Under Network, click “Change proxy settings…”

  • You should see the following. Next click on “LAN settings.”

  • A new window should pop up with the Local Area Network Settings. Uncheck the first box (it is checked by default).

Apparently this is the culprit of Chrome’s mini delay. This “bug” supposedly has been around since last year, but I have experienced it only after the last update. It is not that big of a big deal, but a delay is a delay. 



  1. Anonymous

    Using SRWare Iron and the "resolving proxy" thing was really bugging me.
    Thanks for the fix, man, worked perfectly!

  2. You're welcome!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the fix, much appreciated.

  4. Anonymous

    Coool !

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