Make an Image Background Transparent with GIMP *Updated*

You have just found the perfect image for your project. Except, you do not want the background image to be visible. So you open up Paint, and start erasing around the section you want. Then you discover that this will only make the background white, not transparent!! Sometimes, all we want is the dang image itself on a transparent canvas, so that we can use it on say, a website, and it will blend nicely. Don't fret, you will learn how to do just that after watching the video below. You will be needing GIMP to accomplish this.

                        Before                                                                 After                                    
Image Credit: Penguin

Note that this method will only work on images on a consistently colored background. What I mean by this is explained in the Before picture above; the background should be one uniform color, which in the above case is blue. If you have a background with different colors and textures, then use the Pencil or Paintbrush tool in GIMP to paint around the target image until the background is consistent.

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